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Suzanne Gilad

Balancing a career as an actor, a mother, and a professional proofreader, Suzanne Gilad is a living example that you can have full-time income without having a full-time job. Gilad began freelance proofreading to subsidize her acting career, and over the course of ten years has proofread over 1,200 books.

Giladís proofreading endeavors evolved into copyediting and content editing, eventually becoming Maximum Sentence, LLC, a full-service editing company. Her client roster of book publishers includes Random House, Simon & Schuster, John Wiley & Sons, St. Martinís Press, Oxford University Press, Workman Publishing, and Kensington Publishing, among others.

Giladís seminar, Make Six Figures Reading Books, was the most popular non-celebrity Learning Annex class in both Los Angeles and San Diego.

She is the author of COPYEDITING AND PROOFREADING FOR DUMMIES (Wiley, April 2007).

Illustrating firsthand that proofreading can be profitable while allowing additional pursuits, Gilad is also a successful voice-over artist based in New York. Hundreds of businesses have selected Gilad as the voice for their products on national and regional radio and television. A few of these companies are Campbellís, Cascade, Cheerios, Fuji, Givenchy, Jif, Kenneth Cole, Mercedez-Benz, Oil of Olay, PNC Bank, Smirnoff, and Toys R Us.

Sue currently leads seminars on multiple streams of income and her latest passion is to teach financial freedom. She works with ambitious individuals around the US who are looking to improve their financial picture. You may contact Sue through to learn more.

Sue Gilad is also the co-author of THE REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE (McGraw-Hill, 2006).

Andrew Gitzy

Andrew Gitzy has been immersed in publishing for over ten years. He has played a primary role in the writing and editing of many English as a Second Language (ESL) materials for the adult and secondary markets. Most notably, as a Senior Development Editor at Cambridge University Press, he was the lead editor for the multimillion dollar course, New Interchange, which is the best-selling ESL series in the world.

Since beginning his successful freelance business in 1997, Gitzy has been writing, developing, and editing materials for many publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Pearson Education.

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When my son was 3 months old, we hopped on a plane to Miami for a quick vacation. I packed a proofread with me: Jonathan Kellerman’s latest thriller. There is nothing better than sitting under an umbrella on the beach, my son frolicking with my sister, as I read a fabulous suspense story—one that paid for the entire trip. That is the spirit of being a freelancer.
- Lauren Demming


I’m a Jeopardy! freak. After I started proofreading, I noticed that since I’ve been reading a little bit about a lot of things, I get so many more questions right . . . and faster than the contestants on the show. I plan on getting a slot on Jeopardy! next year. Brad Rutter won over a million dollars in 2002. I’m going to beat that. I’m completely serious.
- Chris Hemple


It’s a great little secret, my proofreading. I am a writer, which heaven knows is anything but steady. But between writing gigs, I get to read other writers’ work . . . and make money doing it! It’s like getting paid to do research for my own writing career . . . plus, it covers my rent every month and then some.
- Leigh Anderson


I wish there had been a proofreading program in school so that I would have known about this sooner. I don’t have to answer to anybody, I can read all day in my pajamas and fuzzy slippers, and I have such a comfortable work environment—my home. Who knew?
- Wanda Roderiguez
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