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Sue Gilad at The Learning Annex

How to Make 6 Figures By Reading Books.

From The Learning Annex:

How would you like to make a six-figure income just by reading books? Suzanne Gilad will show you how you can make a great living by proofreading the kinds of books you would normally read for pleasure. (For example, she earned over $1000 reading The Da Vinci Code - a book that sells for $17.95.)

In this info-packed seminar, you'll learn how to:

Instructor was stupendous! I can't believe that I could make so much money with one of my favorite pastimes. Thanks, Learning Annex!
- Sally G., Hollywood
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Suzanne Gilad is the founder and president of Maximum Sentence, LLC, a full-service editing company whose clients include Random House, Simon & Schuster, Warner Books, Wiley, and St. Martin's Press, among others. She is the author of the book, Get Paid to Read: Secrets to Financial Freedom and Success.


When my son was 3 months old, we hopped on a plane to Miami for a quick vacation. I packed a proofread with me: Jonathan Kellerman’s latest thriller. There is nothing better than sitting under an umbrella on the beach, my son frolicking with my sister, as I read a fabulous suspense story—one that paid for the entire trip. That is the spirit of being a freelancer.
- Lauren Demming


I’m a Jeopardy! freak. After I started proofreading, I noticed that since I’ve been reading a little bit about a lot of things, I get so many more questions right . . . and faster than the contestants on the show. I plan on getting a slot on Jeopardy! next year. Brad Rutter won over a million dollars in 2002. I’m going to beat that. I’m completely serious.
- Chris Hemple


It’s a great little secret, my proofreading. I am a writer, which heaven knows is anything but steady. But between writing gigs, I get to read other writers’ work . . . and make money doing it! It’s like getting paid to do research for my own writing career . . . plus, it covers my rent every month and then some.
- Leigh Anderson


I wish there had been a proofreading program in school so that I would have known about this sooner. I don’t have to answer to anybody, I can read all day in my pajamas and fuzzy slippers, and I have such a comfortable work environment—my home. Who knew?
- Wanda Roderiguez
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